• Athenaeum
    1/28 ~ Athenaeum
  • Cismigiu Park
    2/28 ~ Cismigiu Park
  • Cismigiu Park
    3/28 ~ Cismigiu Park
  • Cismigiu Park
    4/28 ~ Cismigiu Park
  • Cismigiu Park
    5/28 ~ Cismigiu Park
  • Cismigiu Park
    6/28 ~ Cismigiu Park
  • Revolution Square
    7/28 ~ Revolution Square
  • The Art Museum
    8/28 ~ The Art Museum
  • Revolution Square
    9/28 ~ Revolution Square
  • The Art Museum
    10/28 ~ The Art Museum
  • United Nations Square
    11/28 ~ United Nations Square
  • National Theatre Bucharest
    12/28 ~ National Theatre Bucharest
  • Law School
    13/28 ~ Law School
  • Hanul lui Manuc
    14/28 ~ Hanul lui Manuc
  • Hanul lui Manuc
    15/28 ~ Hanul lui Manuc
  • CEC Bank
    16/28 ~ CEC Bank
  • Caru cu bere
    17/28 ~ Caru cu bere
  • Caru cu bere
    18/28 ~ Caru cu bere
  • Caru cu bere
    19/28 ~ Caru cu bere
  • Caru cu bere
    20/28 ~ Caru cu bere
  • Valea Regilor
    21/28 ~ Valea Regilor
  • Old City
    22/28 ~ Old City
  • Lipscani view
    23/28 ~ Lipscani view
  • Show @ Caru cu bere
    24/28 ~ Show @ Caru cu bere
  • Victoriei Avenue
    25/28 ~ Victoriei Avenue
  • Victoriei Avenue
    26/28 ~ Victoriei Avenue
  • Victoriei Avenue
    27/28 ~ Victoriei Avenue
  • Aerial View of Unirii Square
    28/28 ~ Aerial View of Unirii Square

Bucharest is one-of-a-kind capital city no tourist should miss when discovering Europe. It is a surprising mix of cultural influences, offering excellent relaxation opportunities and enriching experiences for the business or simply inquisitive traveler.

Contrasting on every cornerstone, “Little Paris” has a multifarious identity, reflecting its rich and controversial history through the wild juxtaposition of the timeless aristocratic values, a strong mark of the totalitarian heritage in recent history and the bustling, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the present.

Walking is the best way to discover the city,so you will need a hotel in Bucharest that is in the middle of everything.

Cismigiu Park

The landscape gardening of the Cismigiu Park started in 1847, under the oversight of the landscape architect Carl F.W.Meyer, ex-director of the Imperial Gardens in Wien, Austria.With over a century and a half history, this wonderful green location of Bucharest reunites distinct relaxing areas - a restaurant on an island, a pavilion for the orchestra, different artistical and architectural pieces - statues, bridges, fences -, a lake for boating turned into a skating area during the cold season.

Historical City Center

A drink in the evening is most welcome downtown. Epoque Hotel is ideally located within a 15-minute walk from the historical city centre. Tourists and locals alike make it their top choice for after-work, dinner and cocktail outings, since the eclecticism of the labyrinthine streets offer the greatest array of modern and traditional locales, outdoor restaurants, best music clubs, spiced up with the liveliest atmosphere in town. “Carul cu bere” Restaurant and “Hanul lui Manuc” are each a must-go for the old Bucharest experience.

Atheneum & revolution square

The imposing Romanian Athenaeum (home to the George Enescu State Philharmonic Orchestra) and the noble Royal Palace (currently housing the National Museum of Art), located in the Revolution Square are symbols of Bucharest’s consideration for the fine arts. Beautiful late 1800 buildings enhance the atmosphere, rendering it comforting, captivating and classy.

Km 0

For a glimpse into Bucharest’s more troubled chapters, a short walk will take you to Bucharest’s kilometer 0, Piata Universitatii (University Square) whose representative buildings (the University of Bucharest and the National Theatre) are witnesses of the 1989 fights for the liberation of Romania from under communist rule. But despite its commemorative heritage, University Square is nowadays one of the liveliest squares in town and the best-known meeting spot for people attending all sorts of cultural happenings in the city centre.

A walk to shop

A stroll down Victoriei Avenue ensures that your experience is provided with “plenty of room to stretch your legs”, and plenty of hours of quality shopping. From world-renowned fashion designer-stores to unique luxury boutiques, it’s all there, lining the Avenue, looking to enliven your shopping mood. It has been so ever since the Avenue was first fashioned into the urban structure of Bucharest, more than a hundred years ago.

Nestled in the historical heart of the city, Epoque Hotel is the perfect base for exploring the city.



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